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Peter Garrett was running desperately. Never run like this before. Probably faster than Carl Lewis, he thought. But how could he not think like that when running was not the least of ways to eliminate his fear in his heart. The fear of losing someone he loves so dearly. Someone called Jasmine Elmond. To him, it was just too abrupt and too cruel. While running, he could feel the pain in his heart. Each step from his feet was like a cut in his heart every single moment. After minutes of running, he reached Jasmine’s work place.

At the main door, Peter pressed the door bell quickly and hoping for Jasmine to show up but it was Jasmine’s colleague, Mary Lisbon.

Mary: Pete, what are you doing here?

Peter: It’s Jasmine here.

Mary: Jasmine?....

Peter: Is she here? I need to speak to her.

Mary: ….(sighed)….

Peter: Mary please. I….I….need to see her now. Can you call her for me?

Mary: Pete. Listen. (sighed). Jasmine is gone.

Peter: Gone? What? What are you talking about?

Mary: She resigned yesterday. She’s no longer working here, Pete!

Peter: Resigned??? Do you know where she is Mary? Please tell me!

Mary: Pete. Listen! No one knows where she is. She just left…just like that.

Peter: Just like…that????

Mary: Maybe you should try to find her at her home?

Peter: I did this morning but her roommate said she moved out yesterday. There’s nothing in her room. Even her car wasn’t in the house anymore.

Mary: Did her roommate say where she go or move to?

Peter: No, they have no idea either.

Mary: How about the church she used to go with you? Have you try there?

Peter: The church was the last place I looked for before I come here. No one in the church knows where she is. They said she didn’t even attend Sunday service for a month. The word was she told the pastor in the church she wanted to move to a new place….a new town of something to start anew.

Mary: Start anew?....(sighed)….That’s Jasmine alright. Pete… I am so sorry.

Peter: ……….It’s okay, Mary. It’s okay….. (voice slowly fades and his head was facing down)

(Peter’s eyes were so sad. He slowly turned away from Mary and walked towards the main road. His heart was painful as his greatest fear of losing Jasmine has finally become reality. Jasmine is lost forever in his life. No longer could he go to church with her every Sunday even if he wishes to. No longer could he wake up every morning hoping to see her again. No longer could he read the Bible with her while sitting on the wooden platform beside the lake. A place where they used to visit every Sunday after morning church service.
Peter just kept walking and walking until he reached a coffee house where he used to have lunch with Jasmine. He could still see himself and her on the very same table. How they always have laughter while having their lunches together. Those were the most precious moments that he used to have with Jasmine. Why are all these moments no longer there for him? In this mind, Peter prayed to God and asked,

Dear Lord, please show me the way to Jasmine again. You brought me to her and now you have taken her away from me. Dear Lord, what is your will? Are we meant to be together? Why she has to leave me like this? Dear Lord, please show me a sign. Show me a sign to do the right thing but my heart is so painful now. So painful. Please show me a sign, dear Lord….”)